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    Kunal Manusmare

    I am soft spoken, caring but short tempered. Can't live without freedom & dignity. I respect all the beautiful things given by nature specially woman & nature itself. I respect every religion too.. and feels that each of them needs some correction for good of their own people & world. I LOVE MY COUNTRY. I hate noise, pollution, liars & INDIAN POLITICIANS. I like success, truthfulness, adventure and traveling. Looking forward to do something good for my country & to see the world.

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    26 of July, 2013

    White & Colors

    White & Colors is all about putting moments and expressions into visual verses. These verses will be told and heard over and again and will echo their beautiful nostalgic sounds throughout your life.

    "White & Colors" is an established, successful, full – service photographic company. We consistently deliver outstanding results for our clients. As a visual creator company, our approach is to focus on the creation of visuals that will leave viewers astonished.. And this is our success mantra!

    26 of July, 2013

    Our Services

    We are into photography and visuals production, basically we love to tell stories!
    Lifestyle Porfolios - Solo Portfolio - Kids Portfolio - Family Portfolio - Friends Portfolio - Relations Portfolio - New Born Portfolio - Wedding Stories - Events Coverage - Corporate Video Production - Pre and Post Marriage Portfolios

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